TNL Onstage 2018 Final

October 20th | Jetwing Colombo Seven

TNL ONSTAGE 2018 Solo Knockout Round

From 12 to 5: Here's how it played out.

TNL ONSTAGE 2018 Band Knockout Round

October 6th | Disques

Forgot to Hug your boss today?


Catch Chassy from 5 - 8 PM!

Driving you home and driving you crazy

Getting you buzzed at dawn

6 to 10 AM with Dino and Linn!

TNL Radio

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  • Girls Like You

    Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B

  • Natural

    Imagine Dragons

  • Promises

    Calvin Harris & Sam Smith

  • Burn The House Down


  • Happier

    Marshmello ft. Bastille


Hug Your Boss Day!

Terrified of your superiors at office? Hug it out seriously.

The Williams Debacle - A Lankan Take

Anita Lee from The Big Show does her own interpretation on the drama that unfolded at the US Open

18 Reasons Why You Should Be A Part Of TNL Onstage!

Channel your inner star! Here are a few reasons why you should apply!

Hop on this Bandwagon!

We're sharing the best 80's remakes of the biggest hits in music!

Ready To Chow Down?

What's a party without food? We've got the deets on the TNL Radio Monster Meal Challenge!

Ways to Ruin Mother's Day!

We've got 10 things to avoid this year to keep those Amma Points topped up!

Johann On Top!

Johann Peries joined Dino and Linn on the Morning Show to talk about his second attempt at reaching the peak!

The Crazy Neighbour Roundup!

Jai Ho! What a Bollywood week it's been...

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