A Patriotic Roundup!

It’s the weekly roundup from the morning show to your delightful eyes!

We can’t believe it’s been more than a week since we were baffled by a laptop dance, reminded why 30 is the new 70 and experience some wildly differing opinions on a purported “neck scratching” incident in the Queen’s own land. Here’s all that and more on the morning roundup. Yeehaw! 

Sri Lanka celebrated a dubious number of years of Independence on Sunday as the President boarded the SS fail boat in a botched address to the nation where he repeated the claim that we had been independent fora mere 30 years. Many claimed that he meant the 30-year civil war but things just didn’t add up. 

In celebration of what the president SHOULD have done, (Google it!), there was a picture making the rounds on the internet of schoolgirls doing a laptop dance. After coming under fire from a digitally annoyed nation and torturous meme-fication, the dance was changed to something a little more ‘ordinary’. We’ve cherry-picked the best ones here.

Things were celebrated a little differently in London with a Brigadier being praised and insulted for a hand gesture that was made at pro-LTTE protestors. He was suspended and then re-instated and conspiracy theories are rife at the moment, because we wouldn’t be Sri Lankan if we let things go.

With Valentine’s around the corner, we found out that Pakistan has banned all celebrations for the second year running…



 … and a 40 year old blind goose passed away after being in love with two swans and helping them raise 68 kids. And you thought your love life was abysmal…


In more animal news, a live, yet frozen Pangolin was found in a Chinese restaurant. Pangolins, whose name that literally means “something that rolls up”, is one of the most trafficked animals in the world and is used for Chinese Medicine and also in clothing. I mean… how could you? Look at its widdle face…


And if you want to listen to our Independence Day breakdown, click away! Oh and tune in every weekday from 6 to 10 am for another crazy week with Dino and Linn.

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