Dodge Ways To Get a Date

Valentine's Day may have come and gone but a good local pick up line lasts forever. 

“Can I be the only plane to land in your Mattala?”



“Do you live in Bakery Handiya cause those buns look amazing”




“Baby you're so sweet, even the president would ban you”.



“Baby this bond is so cool, you freeze my assets”



“Your hand, my pohottuwa, let's call it an election”



 Hey babe, can I have your පූසා to catch my මීයා?



 Are you from Malabe because I'd like to call you bae.



 Are you an Aanamaalu because I find you quite a-peeling.



 Are you from Ambepussa because you've got a great passa.



 So I heard you're from Elephant Pass. Would you like to see my trunk?



Thank you to Lydia and Thashika for these gems! Tune in to the morning show with Dino and Linn for more inappropriate local humour every weekday from 6 to 10 AM!

Here's to celebrating the month of love with that special person...


Sorry... Pizza... we meant very special pizza. Cause that's all you're getting with dodgy lines like that.

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