Our Top Brit on the Brit Awards Special!

We had the opportunity to bring you a Brit Awards special like never before, thanks to the British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, James Dauris, who joined Dino and Linn on the show.

 “The impact of music in Britain has been tremendous”

British artists have left and continue to leave their mark on the world through their music (hence our Brit Award Special), and this fact was certainly not lost on the High Commissioner:

“We had huge success in pioneering waves of different musical styles, so from modern rhythm and blue, progressive rock, heavy metal, punk, rave, hip hop, all the way through to the sorts of things that you’re hearing today, like dubstep and grime.”


“Without music, life would be a mistake”

We also learned that High Commissioner Dauris is very passionate about music (he quoted Nietzsche, for crying out loud!), and has an extremely impressive musical background himself:

“Music, for me, has been a tremendously important part of life, since I was small. I started singing when I was 8, played the piano… I played bassoon for many years, including in orchestras, but most of all, I’ve sung… We sang with (Luciano) Pavarotti, with (Plácido) Domingo, and we sang with people like Phil Collins and made recordings in the Beatles’ studio on Abbey Road”.


“No one’s ever called me ‘the coolest Brit we know’ before”

We don’t know where we found the time, but we were also able to have a chat with the High Commissioner on topics outside of music. He was very enthusiastic about the fact that he’s the coolest Brit we’ve ever met, the work he does here, and Sri Lanka itself:

“We’ve got lots and lots of people living in each other’s countries, we have education and trade and history and language and sport and tea, and that really does make it a fun job to be doing. It’s also fun because Sri Lanka is a country of such tremendous diversity… It’s a good time to be here”.

We also learned that our Special was not his first time on radio, and that Colombo traffic pales in comparison to the traffic in Peru, of all places:

“Before coming here… I was the ambassador in Peru, and in Peru I used to have my own radio program twice a year. I hosted it on Christmas Eve and I hosted it on the Queen’s birthday… I was given a slot from 5 to 6 – I had a whole hour – because people were stuck in traffic jams, going around Lima.  When people complain about traffic here in Colombo, I say, you don’t know what real traffic’s like.”



All in all, it was an extremely fun and informative show and we can’t wait for next year’s special!


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