Remembering Chester

We're still reeling from the news. 

I know many Sri Lankans who considered Linkin Park as an integral part of their adolescence and the teenage angst that was to come. Here was a band that put into raw lyrics, the complicated emotions that are a result of feeling and being different. Say what you like about their recent offerings (and many did, which Bennington took quite personally), but their authenticity never wavered even when the genre did.

I personally believe that his lyrics and style hit us harder than the rest (much like his unexpected death has) because we all have that Linkin Park song that got us through a bad time in our lives, and none more so than when being misunderstood by parents, teachers and meddling relatives who couldn’t understand a changing world.

So in our small way, this is our tribute to a hero who saved many with his music, even when he couldn't save himself. 

Thank you for everything. 

Linkin Park shared their grief in a post that has currently been shared over two hundred thousand times.

Disturbed, who has toured with linkin Park since their inception also shared a heartfelt tribute on their FB page

Check out the latest video published by the band from their latest album ‘One More Light’. Talking to Myself

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